Q1Can the Milesight VPN be installed in Ubuntu version 22.04?

Answer: Not support yet, Milesight VPN only supports Ubuntu Server version 20.04 now.

Q2Why the upgrade does not work when trying to remote upgrade UG gateway via Devicehub?

Answer:  Please check the Devicehub version and the firmware version of gateway. The remote upgrade feature is only available for Devicehub on-premise version 2.2.7 and gateway firmware version or higher.

Q3Questions about Milesight IoT Cloud:

1. How can I change the email account binded to Milesight IoT Cloud?

2. When set multiple alarm trigger in Milesight IoT Cloud, how can I set a specific alarm recipient only for a specific device?


  1.  Please go to Milesight IoT Cloud->Me->Basic Information to modify the Account Email.

  2. You can go to Milesight IoT Cloud->Sharing Center to add member account and share the specific device to it, then set Triggers in the member account. For more detailed information, please refer to how to set triggers on Milesight IoT Cloud

Q4Does Milesight IoT Cloud support to change the color of main interface?

Answer:  No, it doesn't support colir customization of the whole webpage.

Q5Which IP address and port of Milesight IoT Cloud to which UG65 gateway is connected? I need to add these addresses and ports to whitelist of firewalls.

Answer:  The IP addresses are not fixed, please add these domain names you are usinig and corresponding ports as below: 

1. HTTP: probe.iot-api.ursalink.com

Port: 80

2. HTTPS: cert.iot-api.ursalink.com


3. MQTT: 

Asia server: a1s0294mn3y4yu-ats.iot.ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com

Europe server: a1s0294mn3y4yu-ats.iot.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com

Chinese server: a2j25pxu1c41n5.ats.iot.cn-north-1.amazonaws.com.cn

Port: 8883

Q6For the Device Chart in Milesight IoT Cloud, is it possible to set different Y axis range for better show the data change?

Answer:  Not support, but for multiple data in one chart, you can click the legend for hide or display correspond sensor data, and the Y axis will auto adapt to suitable range.


Q7Why I failed to access the UG gateway GPS location in devicehub and get error message “The device's GPS has been disabled?

Answer:  Now only UR series router with GPS feature support GPS location on DeviceHub. If you want to check UG gateway GPS information, please generate remote access link to visit device web GUI to check GPS information in Status->Overview->System Information.

Q8When creating sub-account for devicehub, why the sub-account can not see the devices in the main account?

Answer:  After creating sub-account, you still need to share device permission to the sub-account. For more detail information, please refer to how to create and sub account and manage sub devices in devicehub

Q9Questions about Milesight DeviceHub on-premises version:

1. When remote accessing Router/Gateway via devicehub link, how can I remove the cert warning of web browser?

2. If the ssh port of Gateway is disabled, can I still remote access gateway SSH via devicehub?

3. What is those port opened in devicehub server use for? Can I customize the ports?

4. Can it enforce to use HTTPS and encrypted TR069?

5. Is it possible to input a domain address in the Network Configuration->NAT mode->Public IP Address in devicehub for enable NAT mode?


1. You can import trusted certificates in Domain->Certificate & Private Key in Devicehub.

2. Not support. You should enable gateway SSH first.

3. Currently all these ports are not customizable, otherwise there will be problem when tunnel established. 

4. Devicehub already uses HTTPS and encrypted TR069 by default.

5. Yes it can achieve by modify the configuration file. For more detail information, please contact Milesight support.