Milesight IoT Cloud supports setting triggers to send alarms or control devices. Before using triggers, ensure all your devices has been added to Milesight IoT Cloud and are online.



Send Alarm

Go to Triggers page, click Add to set a trigger rule.

Example: When EM500-LGT light sensor detects the illumination between 20 to 500 lux, send an alarm notification.

Enable this trigger rule, when EM500-LGT upload data according to reporting interval, the cloud platform will detect if the data meet the condition and send alarms accordingly.

You can check the alarm records on both Event Center -> Alarm Report and Event Center -> Trigger Log page.

If you need to send alarms to Email address, add your Email address in Me -> Alarm Recipient and enable it.

After triggered, Milesight IoT Cloud will send alarm emails.

Control Device

Some devices support trigger control via specific time or another device.

Example: When EM500-LGT light sensor detects the illumination is lower than 500 lux and time is 19:50 every day, trigger a WS522 portable socket to switch off.

You can check the control result via socket status or go to Event Center -> Trigger Log page to check trigger record.


  • When your condition includes the time, ensure you change the cloud time to your local time in Me->Date&Time page.
  • If you need to use control device action, it’s necessary to add a condition to check the status of the controlled device, or this rule will be triggered continuously and consume your cloud account trigger times.