Q1: Questions about UC51X:

1. How to connect UC51X to solenoid valve device?

2. Is it possible to connect two solenoid valves into one connector? 

3. How many openings and closings does the battery guarantee operation?


1. You can refer to this article for a example of UC51X connection: https://support.milesight-iot.com/support/solutions/articles/73000514276-how-to-use-uc51x-to-control-solenoid-valve-

2. Not support, UC51X have 2 solenoid interfaces to connect 2 solenoid valves, but one interface cannot be connected to multiple solenoid valves.

3. The normal power consumption of per switch is 0.06 mAh, and the specific power consumption is related to the actual solenoid valve used. Take UC512 EU868 as example, it can support 165,000 switches in Class A mode and SF8. And please note that the actual number is related to the specific configuration.

Q2:  What is the supported length of MQTT password of the UC3414 or UC300?

Answer: The supported length of MQTT password is not more than 32 characters. If any request about it, please contact Milesight.

Q3:  For UC50X, how the Modbus data transmit about Big/Little endian for a 32 bit signed float?

Answer: The process as: Raw data(ABCD) -- UC50X collects 16bit Little endian processing(CDAB) -- UC50X sends (BADC) -- Cloud receives (BADC) -- Cloud parsing (CDAB).

Q4:  For Milesight controller, is it support to send RS485 commands automatically?

Answer: Yes, the device will send Modbus read command automatically to terminal devices according to the RS485 channel settings on ToolBox.

Q5:  Is it possible using two UC300 units in Milesight D2D to make a transparent connection of 2 Modbus networks?

Answer: Not support yet. Only when DI is triggered, can UC300 send the D2D command. If any request about it, please contact Milesight IoT.

Q6:  Does the UC50X support source the voltage for the current loop through AIN1?

Answer: Yes, it can support.

Q7:  Does the UC300 support to upgrade firmware remotely?

Answer: Not support yet, if any request about it, please contact Milesight IoT.

Q8:  Is it support to set up a multicast group for UC1114 on the gateway to send packets to multiple UC1114 devices at once?

Answer: Not support, but you can use Node-RED in Milesight Gateway to configure multiple LoRa Output Nodes for each UC1114 device to achieve this feature.

Q9:  How can UC51X judge the status of the solenoid valve?

Answer: UC51X will check the status of the solenoid valve every 13s in default.

Q10: How can we retrieve the data via handphone SMS command? Does the UC300 has this function?

Answer: Yes, please refer to article,https://support.milesight-iot.com/support/solutions/articles/73000571250-how-to-use-sms-function-on-uc300-cellular-version

Q11: Does UC300 support lightning protection?

Answer: No, the ingress protection of UC300 is IP30, which is more recommended for indoor use.