UC51x series LoRaWAN wireless solenoid valve controller is a device used to remotely control DC latching solenoids of the valve. It contains 2 solenoid interfaces and 2 pulse interfaces, which can be easily controlled locally or remotely. 

UC51x solenoid port will output a 50ms interval 12 Volt pulse to open the solenoid valve, on the contrary, output reverse pulse to close. Therefore, when you purchase solenoid valve, it is pulse control solenoid valve rather than normally opened/closed type that you might as well choose. In addition, voltage is another considerable attribute you should pay attention to.


-UC51X Solenoid Valve Controller

-Solenoid Valve

-Milesight IoT Cloud Account



Step1: Wire the cable between valve and UC controller according to UC51x User Guide.

Description: Wire red and black cable from controller to your solenoid valve for open/close; GPIO is wired to pulse water meter to count the water volume. GPIO1 matches solenoid valve 1 and GPIO2 matches solenoid valve 2.

 Step2: Click here to connect Milesight gateway to the Milesight IoT Cloud.

Step3: Go to My Devices->Device page and click +New Devices to add gateway to Milesight IoT Cloud via SN referring to article How to Connect a Devie to Milesight IoT Cloud

Step4: For the UC511, the default working type is Class C. You can navigate to My Device->Basic Setting to set the work mode as Class A or Class C.

Step5: Set the unit of each pulse if you connect water meter to UC51x device.

Step6: Control the valve from Milesight Cloud, switch on valve 2 and set the duration;

Note: if you use your own network server, please refer to UC51x communication protocol to send control downlinks.

If you set UC51x working mode as Class A, downlink control won’t kick in immediately until the next uplink arrives.

Note: When UC51X working mode is Class A, it will uplink the an empty package periodically in order to receive the downlink command, and the uplink interval is configurable from the Toolbox, which is 600s by default. The shorter interval, the less delay to open valve whereas the more battery consumption.

Time icon indicates the command had arrived gateway and is waiting for uplink.

Once finished, the valve status rolls back to closed.

You can also navigate to the Dashboard and add valve widgets to control the valve.