The Milesight IoT Cloud is a comprehensive cloud service that provides unparalleled levels of vertical integration with Milesight devices, which allows us to connect them in a fast way. In this article, we will get to know how fast the Milesight Gateway can be connected to Milesight  Cloud.



Step1. Register Milesight IoT Cloud account.

  1. Click here to register your own account on Milesight IoT Cloud.
  1. Click 'Register Now', you will need to choose the server region.

  1. Click Next, you will receive an email with verification code.

  1. Type the code and click Submitto finish registration and then you can login with your account.


Step2. Milesight IoT Cloud Configuration

  1. Go to My Devices -> Gateway to adda gateway with gateway's SN. You can copy the SN (Serial Number) on Status -> Overview page of gateway.

Step3. Gateway Configuration

  1. Refer to How to Connect Milesight Gateway to the Internet to connect the gateway to the Internet.
  2. Go to Network Server -> General to enable Platform Mode and select Milesight IoT Cloud option.Click Save & Apply.

  1. Make sure gateway embedded NS is enabled under Packet Forwarder -> General page.Go to MDevices -Gateways of Milesight IoT Cloud, you will see the status display online shortly.At the same time, you will receive an email about noticing the gateway is online, which is enabled by default.



  1. To connect Milesight Gateway to Milesight IoT Cloud, we need to input the SN (Serial Number) Instead of the Gateway EUI or Gateway ID.
  2. If you found the Milesight IoT Cloud doesn't allow you to add the gateway with existing SN, try to check it with your colleague whether this SN has been added under other accounts, or send the SN to Milesight Support to double check.