Milesight UC300 cellular controller device supports SMS control and SMS report features. This article will describe how to use SMS features on UC300 device. 






1. Insert SIM card and connect controller to PC via Type-C port.

2. Run ToolBox, select correct serial port and fill in the password. The default password is 123456.

3. Make sure UC300 has registered to cellular network successfully, and the SMS Center Number is typed in “General->Basic” settings. Please contact cellular operator for this SMS center number.


SMS Control

1. Go to Application-SMS, enable SMS Control feature. Fill in the at least one control phone number, then click Save.

Success Confirmation: After control success, the device will send success reply to the control center number. 

Failure Configuration: After control failure, the device will send failure reply to control center number.


2. Send command from mobile phone whose phone number is filled in Control Center Number list. About the details of SMS Control commands, please refer to UC300 Cellular Communication Portocol. There are some examples: 

(1) Status Query: 

(2) Control DO1 as close:

(3) Add a control number: 

Note: To ensure the security control, it’s suggested to change the default password.


SMS Report

1. Go to Application-SMS, enable SMS Report feature. Fill in at least one phone number which needs to receive the report message and click Save.

Any Change Report: When any of DI/DO interface’s status changed, the device will send the current status via SMS. 

Regular Report Interval: Report the time, signal , network type and data interface status/values of device regularly via SMS. Default: 720mins, Range:1-1440mins.

SMS Messaging Protocol: Select the SMS messaging protocol. It’s General by default.

General: send SMS as general string format.

UCP: send SMS as hex format, you can decode it referring to UC300 Communication Protocol.


2. Check the message on your mobile phone, which like this:  

About the details of SMS Report contents, please refer to UC300 Cellular Communication Protocol.