Q1: How much data can Milesight IoT cloud store information?

Answer: Milesight IoT cloud can store every device’s data for 12 months for check, but you can only export 3 months at most.

Q2: How to add additional user to manage devices and dashboard?

Answer: You cannot add a user directly via your account, but you can share (View/Edit/Control) or transfer the devices to another account.

Q3: I don't get devicehub offline notifications until 12 minutes after the router stops working, is this normal?

Answer: Yes, according to devicehub offline detection mechanism, Devicehub records offline after the router disconnect for 10-15 minutes. The time is fixed and not allow to change, which avoid frequent offline update due to router network unstable.

Q4: Does the Milesight VPN provide a cloud hosted solution?

Answer: Not support. The Milesight VPN should be installed in your own server.

Q5: I've set a trigger event on Milesight Cloud. Why it still triggers event in false time after I set a time period of triggers?

Answer: Please go to ME->Date&Time page, and double check the time zone and daylight saving time (DST) setting.

Q6: Why I fail to login the Milesight IoT Cloud APP with correct password?

Answer: Please double check if you choose the correct regional server in Advanced Settings.

Q7: Does devicehub need gateway always with a static IP address?

Answer: No, only DeviceHub server needs a static IP and ensure accessible with the gateway.