To connect Milesight Gateway to Milesight IoT Cloud, we can just create it in Milesight IoT Cloud with the SN, then enable 'Milesight IoT Cloud' option on Gateway's web GUI directly, then it will display online shortly. You can refer to this guide to finish it successfully.

But sometimes, the gateway is created well on Milesight IoT Cloud, but the gateway still display offline like this. This article will describe how to trouble shooting the connection issue between Milesight LoRaWAN gateway and Milesight IoT Cloud.


  1. Check the gateway's SN configured in Milesight IoT Cloud matches the gateway's SN or not. Since it's not Gateway ID or Gateway EUI.
  2. Double check whether the 'Milesight IoT Cloud' option is enabled well. You can also re-enable this function during the trouble shooting. The option of "Network server" must be enabled as well. 
  3. Check whether the gateway has network access and can reach to Milesight IoT Cloud platform by ping '' in Maintenance->Tools->Ping page. If not work, please check your network referring to articleFail to Access the Network of Milesight Gateway. If works but failed, please check if you configure correct DNS server in Network -> Interface -> Port.
  4. Check whether your firewall blocks the 8883 port of gateway network. 8883 port is necessary for Milesight IoT cloud connection.
  5. Try to reset the Milesight IoT Cloud certificate and restart it via SSH root access.
root@ROUTER:/mnt/mmcblk0p1/root# lora-gateway-adapter reset
clearing lora-gateway-adapter configuration.
root@ROUTER:/mnt/mmcblk0p1/root# /etc/init.d/lora_gateway_adapter restart
stoping lora-gateway-adapter...
lora_gateway_ubus stopped

To access Milesight IoT Gateway via SSH, you need to enable it in 'General->General->Access Service' page first, then login by gateway's IP and port number: 22.

The login credentials:

Username: root

Password: LoRaWAN@2018

  6. Try to restart the internal network server of the gateway, then restart the Milesight IoT Cloud service  on web or like the previous step again.

root@ROUTER:/mnt/mmcblk0p1/root# /etc/init.d/loraserver restart

  7. You can also submit a ticket or contact our support engineer to trouble shoot it remotely.

You can also click to learn more more info about Milesight IoT Cloud and Milesight LoRaWAN Gateway.