Sensgreen LoRaWAN Network Server (LNS) is a robust and reliable component of the Sensgreen Smart Building Platform that plays a crucial role in managing LoRaWAN-connected devices within your building. LoRaWAN is a low-power, wide-area networking (LPWAN) protocol designed for long-range communication between IoT devices and gateways. 




Milesight UG56 Industrial LoRaWAN Gateway will be used as an example in the steps.


Step 1: Access to Web GUI via Wi-Fi

a. Enable Wireless Network Connection on your computer and search for access point “Gateway_******” to connect it.
Also, Device EUI of the gateway can be obtained from there. Gateway EUI is obtained by concating the first 6 digits of MAC address, “FFFE”, and the last 6 digits of MAC address before the dash. You will use this gateway EUI when adding it to the Sensgreen Platform.


! Example: MAC24E124F65016-17 → Wi-Fi name: “Gateway_F65017”

→ Gateway EUI: “24E124” + “FFFE” + “F65016” = “24E124FFFEF65016”


b. Open a Web browser on your PC (Chrome is recommended) and type in the IP address to access the web GUI.

c. Enter the username and password, click “Login”. You can find the default credentials on Milesight UG56 User Guide.



d. After logging the web GUI, you can change the password.

Step 2: Configuration of Gateway

a. Network settings:

Method 1: Network > Interface > Port

Connection Type: DHCP Client

Click “Save & Apply”.



Method 2: Network > Interface > Cellular (Cellular version only)

APN: get the information from your SIM card operator

Click “Save & Apply”.




b. Packet Forwarder > General > Multi Destination

  • Disable the default
  • Add a new one

Enable: Selected

Type: Semtech

Server Address:

Port Up & Port Down: Both are the same and depends on Frequency Band of the location

EU868: 1700

AS923: 1701

AU915: 1702

US915: 1703

Click “Save & Apply”.




Step 3: Add the Gateway to Sengreen Platform

a. Access to the Device Management Page

Log in to Sensgreen platformNavigate to the "Device Management" page under the "Management" tab within the platform.


b. Add a New Gateway

On the Device Management page, click the "+ New Device" button.


c. Choose Connectivity Method

Select "LoRaWAN" as your connectivity method, and click "Next". Select "Sensgreen LoRaWAN" as your LoRaWAN Network Server, and click "Next".


d. Select Device Type

Choose the device type as "Gateway".


e. Enter Device EUI

Enter the Device EUI that is printed on your device we discussed before.


f. Select Frequency Band

Choose the frequency band that is used in your region.


g. Choose Building and Room

Select the building where you want to add the sensor and enter the room name where the sensor is installed.


h. Gateway Connected

Congratulations! Your gateway is now connected to the Sensgreen LoRaWAN Network Server. You can check the gateway status on the Gateways tab on the Device Management page.

If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to Sensgreen support team.