Q1Can UC100 transmit data between two RS485 devices (like meter to PLC)?

Answer: Yes, UC100 can be used as Milesight D2D Agent or Controller to transmit D2D commands to trigger actions. For example, connection: it should be meter - RS485 - UC100 ->D2D ->UC100 - RS485 - PLC. Take a RD485 meter and PLC as example, when YC100 reaches a threshold value from meter, it can send D2D command to another UC100 and trigger it to send read/write Modbus command to PLC. 

Q2Does UC300 cellular support to configure remotely?

Answer:  Yes, some parameters can be configured via SMS message or remote server. For more details, please refer UC300 (Cellular) Communication Protocol.

Q3Can I send multiple commands in one downlink to UC300-LoRa? Will all the commands take effect?

Answer:  Not support. UC300-LoRa will only execute one command when receive one downlink, other commands will be ignored.

Q4Can UC51X with hardware version V1.x support to change solenoid interface to 12/9/5 VDC via dip switch?

Answer:  Yes it can support changing voltage via DIP switch. Please contact Milesight for details about it.

Q5If I wire UC300 DO to DI interface, why DI did not activate when set DO to open?

Answer:  This wiring does not work. Please refer toHow to wire DI/DO of Milesight controller for the correct wirings.

Q6Q6: What's the best position to place UC50x to get the better antenna radiation?

Answer:  The UC50X's internal antenna is perpendicular with the main board, so it's recommended to place the front of device upwards for better signal.