Q1How can I check if the solar panel is charging the battery of UC501?

Answer: There is no direct way to check the charging status, but it will charge the battery by default without configuration. You can check if the battery level go up after some time, which means the battery is already charging.

Q2: When the UC300 controller connects to LoRaWAN gateway, can it also use Milesight D2D feature to communicate with other D2D device at the same time?

Answer: Yes, the Milesight D2D feature can work with D2D agent devices, whether it's connected to gateway or not.

Q3When configuring the RS485 channel feature in Milesight LoRaWAN controller, how can I set the RS485 channel's quantity to 2?

Answer: Not support, the quantity in channel setting is fixed to 1, if you need set it to 2, please consider to choose Modbus bridge feature. More detail information, please refer to how to use modbus RS485 bridge LoRaWAN feature

Q4Questions about UC300 cellular version:

1. When connecting UC300 to MQTT server, why I get messy code in the MQTT client?

2. Can the UC300 support Modbus Bridge?

3. Can the MQTT topic of UC300 be changed?


1. Please double check if you decode the message as Hex format instead of Plain text.

2. Not support.

3. Not support. Please refer to communication protocol for UC300 fixed MQTT topics: UC300-Cellular-Communication-Protocol

Q5Can UC100 supply power to modbus sensor?

Answer: No, please use separate power supply or you can choose UC50X which can supply power to the Modbus slave devices.

Q6Can two UC100 units transmit RS485 data to each other directly?

Answer: Not support, UC100 can only send data to another UC100 by gateway.

Q7Can I use UC50X to connect the PT100 of EM500?

Answer: Not support, UC50X does not support to connect the interface of PT100.

Q8Is it possible to transmit protocol DLMS via UC300?

Answer: Yes, you can use RS232 transparent feature to transfer DLMS data: How to Use RS232 of Milesight Controllers