Milesight LoRaWAN controller equips with a RS232 interface supporting transparent raw data between RS232 terminal devices and network server. This guide will describe how to use the RS232 of Milesight LoRaWAN controller.



  • Milesight LoRaWAN controllers: UC50x/UC1152/UC11-N1
  • Milesight LoRaWAN gateway (simulate as LoRaWAN network server)
  • TCPCOM (simulate as RS232 terminal device)

Basic wiring: PC (serial port tool)---Milesight controller-----Milesight gateway  


  1. Connect PC to RS232 of controller via USB-RS232 cable.
  2. Power on the controller and connect it to Milesight gateway according to article How to Connect LoRaWAN Node/Sensor to Milesight Gateway.
  3. Open ToolBox and go to General->Serial to enable serial port and select the type as RS232, then ensure basic parameters are the same as your terminal device.

  1. Open TCPCOM and configure RS232 basic parameter, than click Open to set up transmission between TCPCOM and controller. Please note the RS232 basic parameters are the same as controller settings.
  2. Send a message.
  1. Go to Network Server->Packets of gateway web GUI, you will see RS232 data upload immediately, regardless of reporting interval settings in controllers.
  2. Data port is 86, the same as RS232 port setting in controller.

  1. You can also send downlink message from network server to controller, please ensure the port is the RS232 data port.Note: If device type is Class C, the controller will receive downlink messages right away; if device type is Class A, the downlink message will wait in queue (grey) until there is uplink from controller.

  1. After sending, TCPCOM will receive the message.