Everynet is a global LoRaWAN® network operator and provides carrier grade networks in Asia, EMEA, and the Americas. This article describes how to connect Milesight LoRaWAN® gateway to Everynet.



  • Milesight LoRaWAN Gateway: UG65/UG67 with firmware version or higher
  • Everynet RAN Account


1. Make sure your gateway can connect to the Internet successfully.

2. Go to Packet Forwarder -> General on gateway Web GUI, disable Embedded Network Server, create a new destination, and choose Everynet.

3. Input the Everynet RAN Account username and password, then choose the corresponding Server Region and gateway Frequency Band. Ensure the band is the same as the setting on Packet Forwarder -> Radios.


4. Click Save&Apply to complete the gateway settings.

5. Login you Everynet RAN account, check the button in the upper right corner to display the gateway list.


6. Check the connect status and system information of the gateway.

7. Click on the start button, you can check the live stream of gateway.