Q1: Is it feasible to connect the probe of EM500-PP to UC50X?

Answer: Yes, it can connect to UC50X via RS485 or analog interfaces.

Q2: For UC11xx GPIO interface, is it counting both rising and falling edge of the pulse?

Answer: No, it only counts when rising edge.

Q3: For UC511 V2, does it support connect the external power solar panel or extra power supply?

Answer: Not support, UC511 V2 can only be powered by battery or original solar panel.

Q4: For UC50X V2, why the 3.3V Output interface does not output any voltage after enabling it via ToolBox?

Answer: Please check if your device firmware version is 1.10 and above. For lastest version, the 3.3V outputs are used for powering RS485 and analog devices and you need to configure the device via Toolbox v7.0.9 and above, please refer to user guide and you can submit a ticket to iot.support@milesight.com for help.

Q5: For UC controller, 

1. Can UC100 use an external antenna?

2.Is the UC300 controller able to send digital I/O and analog input values through Modbus RTU?


1、No support yet, it supports embedded LoRa antenna. 

2、Not support, only the data from RS485 interface can be sent via Modbus RTU protocol. 

Q6: For UC300,

1.Can UC300-4G send the alarm email?

2.Can UC300-lora realize timing control of DO output?

Answer: Yes, you can connect to Milesgiht IoT Cloud to achieve it. Please refer to below articles:

1. How to Set Alarms on Milesight IoT Cloud

2. How to Set Triggers on Milesight IoT Cloud