Q1Can third-party gateways be added to Milesight Devicehub?

Answer: Not supported. For Milesight Devicehub platform, it can only be used to manage gateway and router offered by Milesight.

Q2Can we export CSV or JSON file of sensor’s data from Milesight IoT Cloud and use it on my database?

Answer: You can go to My Devices-> Devices -> List of cloud Web GUI to download the CSV file, JSON format is not supported.

Q3How Milesight protect the data from the water valve/meter to your gateway then to your Milesight IoT Cloud? And how to ensure that the data will not be tampered.

Answer: The data from sensor to gateway is through Lora communication. The security mechanism is based on the LoRaWAN protocol. You can refer to:


There is also a certificate security mechanism between the gateway and Milesight IoT Cloud, you can refer to: 


Q4Can Milesight IoT Cloud send data automatically to a third party MDMS (meter data management system)?

Answer: No, Milesight IoT Cloud does not send data to third platform.But if the MDMS supports MQTT/HTTP/HTTPS, Milesight gateway can transfer the data directly.

Q5Does Milesight support Multitenancy in your IoT Cloud and DeviceHub Platforms?

Answer: Yes for DeviceHub, Milesight IoT Cloud does not support multitenancy