Q1For Toolbox app, how to prevent others from controlling the device through NFC?

Answer: At present, everyone using the toolbox can read the sensor. If you are worried about being configured by others, you can change the device password.

Q2Are Milesight VPN and Milesight Device Hub only available for Linux?

Answer: Yes, it currently only supports linux systems now.

Q3Can I export the raw data from Milesight Iot Cloud?

Answer: No, the data what exported from Milesight Iot Cloud it has been decoded. If you need raw payload, you can use other network server or use our gateway embedded network server with MQTT/HTTP server.

Q4: If Milesight IOT Cloud can pull data from Helium network?

Answer: Not support yet.

Q5Is it possible to add a DNS to access the cloud with a custom link?

Answer: Not support yet.

Q6What is the maximum of trigger times in Milesight Cloud for free account?

AnswerThe maximum of trigger times is 1000 per month.

Q7If any of Milesight products are affected by the security vulnerability “Log4shell”?

AnswerNo, even the Milesight Devicehub platform since the version used is log 4j V1.


  1. Can we email the daily report as csv file in Milesight IoT Cloud?

  2. Can data record time of each device in the cloud be changed to the whole time? e.g., 10:15:00, 10:20:00?

  3. Can all date format of Milesight IoT Cloud be changed?


  1. No, you can only download CSV format file from data webpage of every device and daily report is PDF format now.

  2. No, the time indicates when cloud receives the uplinks from the sensors according to sensor reporting intervals. When sensor reports as reporting interval, the received time may be a little delay depending on the environment but not too different.

  3. Not supported now.