Q1Is it possible to have for example 3-4 UG67 on a place and 1 of these as Master and the other Slave ? To have a sort of "mesh"  that all gateways send to one gateway, then connected by ethernet to one server?

AnswerYes, Milesight gateway can support this function, please refer to article How to Use Gateway Fleet Feature.

Q2What US915 LoRa channels Milesight gateway and sensors use?

Answer: For Milesight gateway, it uses 8-15 channel by default; for Milesight sensor, all channels are open by default. You can set up open channels on the device.

Q3Question for UG6X,

1. How many IAQ devices can connect to a single UG6X gateway?

2. Is there a limitation in range if the IAQ monitor and gateway are on different floors of the same building?


1. When reporting interval is more than 5mins, more than 1200 nodes can be connected;

2. According to the previous local test, the installation at the window position can cover about 6 floors. If the environment is different, the number of floors covered will also be different. It’s suggested to test in real site.

Q4Does your Milesight Gateway support Euridis dear? Euridis a metering protocol.

AnswerNot support yet.

Q5How to enable DHCP server for ETH port of UG6X?

Answer: Not supported, Ethernet port of UG6X is only used as WAN Port, so DHCP Server only can be configured for WLAN.

Q6: UG6x SMTP configured failed via Gmail account, what should I do?


1. Double check email address and password are matched.

2. Set 587 as port and enable TLS. 

3. Upgrade the firmware version to the latest one.

4. Enable the less secure of your Gmail account from the link below:


Q7Does Milesight Gateway support npm command to upgrade node red?

AnswerNot supported now.

Q8What is the type of 12 VDC interface of UG6X?

AnswerIt is GX16 4 PIN male on the gateway.

Q9:  Does UG6X support FTP Client feature?  

AnswerYes, it can be achieved via Node Red.

Q10Can the SIM card in helium hotspot with cellular model store the data? Where the data of the helium blockchain is stored and updated?

Answer: No, the SIM card needs to be purchased by the customer, and it is only used to provide the network without storage function.The package received by lora is forwarded to the helium platform, the data of the blockchain is stored in the Flash, and the system will automatically detect and update regularly.