Milesight UG6x LoRaWAN gateway can set up multi-gateway architecture by Gateway Fleet function, which can make different gateway failover each other and extend signal cover range, while make one sensor roam in multiple gateways. One gateway can be used as the network server for other four gateways at most now, and other four gateways will be used as packet forwarder, and transmit all data packets to Gateway 1. This guide five UG6x in same network environment will be used to do a gateway fleet configuration below.

You can also refer to this video tutorial to know the steps:


  • Milesight LoRaWAN Gateway: 5 × UG6X


Step 1. Access to the Gateway 2 web GUI, go to Packet Forwarder > General, copy the Gateway ID of Gateway 2, and disable localhost.

Then add a new destination, forward data packet to network server of Gateway 1.

Type: Milesight

Server Address: The IP address of Gateway 1.

Port: 18883

Step 2. Access to the Gateway 1 web GUI, and enable Gateway 1 built-in network server.

Go to Packet Forwarder > General, enable the localhost server address, and enable the Network server on Network Server>General page, click Save & Apply.

Step 3. Go to Gateway 1 web path: Network Server > Gateways, add Gateway 2, click Save.

Gateway ID: Paste the gateway ID of gateway 2.

Name: User-defined

Keeping other values by default.

Then Gateway 2 will connect to Gateway 1.

Step 4. Adding Gateway 3, Gateway 4 and Gateway 5 to Gateway 1 via the same steps as Gateway 2.

Then if we make one sensor activate in Gateway 1, when this sensor was moved to the zone out of Gateway 1 signal coverage but in Gateway 2 signal range, the Gateway 1 can also receive this sensor data packets.


  1. When setting up the multi-gateway architecture, please make sure that Gateway 1 has a public IP or is reachable for other gateways.
  2. Only Milesight UG6x series gateway supports gateway fleet function now.