Q1Does Milesight IoT Cloud support export history data?

AnswerYes, Milesight IoT Cloud can export data from past 3 months.

Q2What is the file format of Milesight IoT Cloud exported data?

AnswerYou can export history data as csv format, and export daily/monthly/yearly report as pdf format.

Q3Can I transfer all the data of my Milesight IoT Cloud account to another one?

Answer: No, Milesight IoT Cloud supports share or transfer device to another account, then you can get the latest data, but previous data will not be transferred with device.

Q4If there is Windows version of Devicehub and Milesight VPN host?

Answer: No, Devicehub and Milesight VPN only support Linux environment for now.

Q5Does Devicehub and Milesight IoT Cloud will affect by Apache Log4j security issue?

Answer: Devicehub is base on Log4j v1, Milesight IoT Cloud is base on Node.js, both will not be affected by Log4j v2 vulnerability.