Static routing is a form of routing that occurs when a router uses a manually-configured routing entry, rather than information from dynamic routing traffic.

Milesight Industrial Router supports different network access, including the Ethernet, Cellular, VPN and VLAN access, which supports your own rule to send the data to the specific destination server IP through specific gateway.

This article describes how to configure Static Route in Milesight Router.


Milesight Router: access to the Internet successfully.


  1. Routing table can be check on Status > Routing of router’s Web GUI. Take WAN port as primary link as an example.
  2. In this example, there is a server address, which needs to access through the cellular network. we need to check the Cellular network is connected first. We can find the gateway address is
  3. Configure Static Route
    (1) Configure static route on router’s Web GUI
    Go to Network -> Routing -> Static Routing to add a new route as our example needs.

    (2) Add static IP via CLI command
    ROUTER(config)# ip route Destination address and prefix mask Cellular gateway address
    Note: Remember save the configuration via write

  4. Then you can check the routing table in Status page again.
  5. After adding the route, the router will go through Cellular network directly when you visit the server through it.