Loriot provides feature-rich and instantly accessible community Network Servers hosted across the world. This article describes how to connect Milesight LoRaWAN® Gateway to Loriot. You can also refer to below video tutorial to know the steps:


Milesight Gateway: UG6X (firmware version and later) or UG8X


  1. Make sure that your gateway can connect to the Internet successfully.
  2. Go to Packet Forward -> General on gateway’s Web GUI, disable Embedded Network Server, create a new destination, and choose Loriot. The uplink port and downlink port will be changed to 1780 automatically.
  3. Input Server Address according to your Loriot account, in this example, take as an example.
  4. Change Gateway ID, replace the FFFE with FFFF in the middle.
  5. Login you Loriot account, go to Dashboard -> Networks, click +Add Gateway to create a new network.
  6. Select Milesight UG6X Series or UG8X Series gateway according to the gateway’s model from the homepage.
  7. Remove the FFFF in the Gateway ID and add colon mark. For example, to change the previous ID 24E124FFFFF0DE07 to 24:E1:24:F0:DE:07, and input it as eth0 MAC address.
  8. Select frequency to match your gateway.
  9. Check connect status.