Q1: If the sensor is deleted from Milesight IoT Cloud, it is possible to restore all previous data?

Answer: No, the data will also be deleted in cloud background, which is also for the protection of customer privacy considerations. So please note this point when deleting a device.


Q2: Can UC11-N1 be connected to the Milesight IoT Cloud directly?

Answer: No, the controller must be connected to Milesight IoT Cloud by associating a Milesight gateway.


Q3: Is it possible to connect same sensor to two gateways on Milesight IoT Cloud?

Answer: No, the sensor only can be connected to the one gateway. Besides, Milesight IoT Cloud only supports OTAA as join type of the sensor.


Q4: Is it posible to see sensor data report for a time period and etc in Milesight IoT Cloud?

Answer: Yes, you can export data from Milesight IoT Cloud.


Q5: Is there a limit to the number of devices the Milesight VPN can handle?

Answer: It's up to the license you choose, but under a thousand is undisputed.


Q6: Do you already have a platform for the management of irrigation valves through your controllers?

Answer: Yes, Milesight IoT Cloud can remote control valves.


Q7: Is UR3x Routers and Milesight VPN natively support ipv6?

Answer: UR3x is now supports ipv6, Milesight VPN isn't.


Q8: Is Milesight IoT Cloud supporting SMS function?

Answer: No, Milesight IoT Cloud only supports E-mail or App push service now.