Milesight gateway has built-in Network Server, which help users to test downlink commands used to control LoRaWAN nodes activated in the gateway remotely.And the gateway support to send multiple format(ASCII/Hex/base64) downlink command.


  • Milesight gateway: UG6x,UG8x
  • LoRaWAN node: Milesight LoRaWAN nodes, the third party nodes supporting standard LoRaWAN protocol.


Step1. Access the gateway Web GUI, go to Network Server > Device, check the status of the LoRaWAN node is activated, then copy the Device EUI of which need be controlled.

Step2. Go to Network Server > Packets > Send Data to Device, fill in all parameters, then click Send.

1. Device EUI: Paste the Device EUI copied in step 1.

2. Type: The type of Payload you will fill in.

3. Payload: The downlink command to control corresponding device, get it from related device user guide or manufacturer.

(Noted: Here is related online tool used to transform payload formats: )

4. Port: The port which LoRaWAN devices receive downlinks, it can be checked from related sensor user guide or manufacturer. For Milesight end devices, the port is 85 by default.

5. Confirmed: When enabled, the gateway will receive ACK message packet from LoRaWAN nodes after sending commands successfully.

Step3. After sending, packet records will appear under Network server. If the record is grey, it means the downlink message is in the sending queue. If downlink command sent successfully, the record will be white and the gateway will receive ACK packet from LoRaWAN node.

Note: If LoRaWAN device type is Class A, only after the device sends uplink packages can the gateway send the downlinks.

Configuration example:

Change the reporting interval of EM300-TH sensor from Milesight UG65 gateway.

The original reporting interval of EM300-TH is 1 min and it’s a Class A type device.

Firstly, access the gateway Web GUI, go to Network Server > Device, check the status of the LoRaWAN node is activated, and copy the Device EUI of EM300-TH.

Then go to Network Server > Packets, paste EM300-TH device EUI, fill in all parameters get from user guide.

After sending downlink command, we get four downlink packet records:

1. The gray DnCnf type message: Downlink command has queue up already.

2. The DnCnf type packet: Downlink command has been sent to sensor.

 The ACK type packet: The sensor reply gateway ACK information when it receives downlink packet.

Check Reporting Interval by ToolBox again, the Reporting Interval value turns to 20 mins.