Q1: How to change the Milesight VPN encryption to AES-256?

Answer: Please access the Milesight VPN Web GUI, modify the encryption to you desired, save and download certification file, import it into client.


Q2: Does the Milesight VPN support AES-256-GCM encryption?

Answer: No, AES-256-GCM is not supported in Milesight VPN currently, but AES-256-CBC is supported.


Q3: Here some questions about Devicehub:

  1. Does Devicehub support other brand lora gateway? (assume standard lora protocol)
  2. Does Devicehub API ready?
  3. Can Devicehub whitelabel with other brand?
  4. Can Devicehub configure the Milesight gateway remotely?


  1. No, Devicehub can only supports Milesight gateways and routers.
  2. Devicehub doesn't have API for now. If you want to connect our device to other third party platform, you can use our gateway or router API directly.
  3. About customization or OEM requirement, please contact Milesight sales.
  4. Yes, you can remote access device's web GUI to change configurations.