Milesight router and CPE supports network access by cellular, in some scenario, you may encounter network speed issues, you can follow this article for simple troubleshoot.


  1. Check cellular antenna’s connection, and put it into a proper place to provider good signal. For the place with weak signal, you can use high gain directional antenna or change another wireless technology.
  2. For UR series 4G routers, they only support 4G CAT4, which the maximum speed is 150Mb/s downlink, 50Mb/s uplink. If you need a higher speed, please select UR75 5G router.
  3. Check if the sim card has ISP data limits.
  4. Check if local base station reach maximum capability.
  5. If you are using 5G model and can not reach the expected speed, it probably because local 5G base station is NSA, it will affect the speed.

If you need any help for deeper assistance, feel free to contact Milesight Technical Support.