User can use NFC reader to configure Milesight sensors by PC, rather than open the shell of sensor to get internal serial port. That will help user to configure sensor easily when here is no mobile phone with NFC and external serial port of sensor available.

Note: Not all NFC readers support Milesight device configuration, it’ suggested to contact with Milesight to buy the NFC readers. If you need to use other NFC reader, please ensure the module is NXP-PN532 and contact Milesight to check before purchase.


  • A matched NFC reader from Milesight: NXP-PN532
  • Milesight Sensors/Controllers
  • NFC driver Software: STM32 cube programer
  • Milesight PC version Toolbox software: download from Milesight website
  • A Windows System computer


Step 1. Connect NFC reader with your computer.

Step 2. Download NFC driver software from below link, install it to your computer.

Note: Different NFC reader use different driver file. If you are using other model NFC reader, please ask NFC reader manufacturer to get driver software.

Step 3. Place NFC reader on the sensor, and remember to make NFC chip of NFC reader close to NFC sign place of sensor.

Step 4. Slect type as NFC and serial port as NFC reader serial port, then save the settings. The NFC reader will read the sensor information to show on the ToolBox. If you need to configure or reset the device, it’s necessary to fill in password. The default password is 123456.