When connecting Milesight nodes to PC by USB cable, if Toolbox fails to recognize serial port or recognition is unstable, please follow below steps to check it.


Tip 1. Check whether the insulating sheet on the side of the battery has been pulled out first.

Note: Please refer to sensor quick guide in equipment packaging box to check whether your sensor have equipped with an insulating strip.

Tip 2. Double check Window PC Device Manager interface, if every time USB cable plugged in, here is one unknown USB device appears, click here to download and install USB driver, and check it once more.

Tip 3. Pull out other USB devices and change that to another USB port of this computer to check further.

Tip 4. Change another USB cable. Some USB cables are only used for charging, which may cause that.

Tip 5. When above steps are checked normally, but PC still fail to recognize serial port. Please open the housing of this sensor, take out all batteries. Then find a blue capacitor on main board, and turn to the back, find two pins of this capacitor, use a metal cable connect them to short-circuit capacitor around 5s.


Tip 6. If you are using UC3x model and fail to login ToolBox even inputting correct password, please connect power adapter also when you connect USB with device. When some USB cables can’t supply enough power for UC3x, this problem will appear.