Q1: How to install Milesight VPN on my server?

Answer: please refer to MilesightVPN User Guide.


Q2: Can we use Milesight DeviceHub locally but not on the cloud?

Answer: Yes, Milesight DeviceHub supports installing on your server locally. Pleaserefer to DeviceHub installation guide.


Q3: Can I use my own gateway except for Milesight gateway to forward data to Milesight IoT Cloud?

Answer: No, currently Milesight IoT Cloud only supports receiving data from Milesight Gateways.


Q4: Are you able to provide API documentation for Milesight IoT Cloud? 

Answer: API for Milesight IoT Cloud is not available currently. If you want to connect the gateway to your IoT platform, it’s suggested to connect via MQTT. The code of sensor data sent by the gateway to your IoT platform is in JSON, which is easy to read and use.


Q5: I have a customer requiring a login credential for the DeviceHub. Does he need to create his own account? If so, how to apply for it?

Answer:  DeviceHub management is based on tree diagrams.If you have a DeviceHub account and your account level is beyond basic user, you can create sub-accounts for other users.


Q6: Can we transfer the data from your Milesight cloud to our server? If yes, how we can do that?

Answer: Milesight IoT Cloud does not provide API to transfer data to other cloud. You can use MQTT/HTTP/HTTPS data transmission feature in Milesight gateways.


Q7: Could you please tell the ports number and protocol I should let them through my firewall to make Devicehub communicating with routers and gateways on Internet?

Answer:  Please refer to DeviceHub installation guide for service ports.