This guide is aimed at solving Milesight node is created but inactive in Milesight IoT cloud platform.If the node added to Cloud platform failed, please click this to check that first.


Noted: Only Milesight nodes can be added to Milesight IoT Cloud Platform.

Tip 1. Make sure the status of the LoRaWAN gateway is Normal already on the Cloud. If not, please click this to make gateway online on the Cloud first.

Tip 2. Check whether there is node uplink packet on the gateway.

Access to gateway Web GUI, go to Network Server > Packets, check whether here is uplink packet records.

If not, go to Tip 3.

If yes, go to Tip 6.

Tip 3. Check the distance between node and LoRaWAN gateway(≤10KM in rural areas, ≤2km in city). And all antennas of gateway and node have installed correctly as user guide.



Tip 4. Check whether gateway and node use the same frequency plan and frequency settings are matched.

Go to gateway web GUI Packet Forwarder > Radios to compare all frequency plan and frequency channels on the gateway and node. All frequencies of gateway should cover all sensor frequency channels, to ensure gateway can receive all packet sent from any one frequency of node.


1.If node is AU915 but gateway is US915, the gateway cannot detect and receive the uplink packet from the sensor, no matter it’s the Join request or sensor data. Please modify the node frequency to US915.

2.For regional frequency of gateway is AU915, US915, CN470.Please modify the channel index to more smaller range ( 8-15) to match the gateway’s.

Tip 5. If Frequency-Sync is set to 0, it means the gateway follows the network Server’s frequency plan. We should set Supported Frequency on the sensor same with Channel plan.

Tip 6. If the sensor is offline in the cloud platform, while the Join status checked by ToolBox is Active, you need to check whether this sensor has been registered to another gateway or another cloud account, and this gateway is not the one that registered in the cloud platform. You can delete it from other network server platform.If you forgot where this device added to, please modify application key on the sensor and cloud to make it re-join to Milesight cloud.