Q1: I changed unit display of temperature in Cloud platform , but why didn't the unit of the temperature of sensor change along with it?

Answer: The unit display of temperature in Cloud platform is independent from the sensor. If you want to change the unit shows on the screen, you can modify the unit by Toolbox App.



  1. Why I failed to log in using link cloud.ursalink.com?
  2. Which gateways are compatible to the Milesight IoT Cloud? Are all devices compatible or only some?


  1. The server address has been moved to the new one due to the band upgrade.Please use the new link: http://cloud.milesight-iot.com
  2. All the gateways and LoRaWAN end devices offered by Milesight can work in Misight IoT Cloud.



  1. Can we increase the number of devices on DeviceHub?
  2. Is it possible to allow other users to view the devices that I have set up on DecviceHub?


  1. Yes, please refer to this article Expand the Number of Devices in DeviceHub via License to download the license in your DeviceHub and send it to the support team.
  2. Yes, you can create sub-account for others and go on "Device->My Device->Operation->Select Administrator" to share the authority of device.


Q4: When registering the account for Milesight IoT Cloud via Gmail, I don't receive the verification code hence and not able to create an account.

Answer: The verification code email may be in your spam box of Gmail, please kindly check it.


Q5: Is there any limits to the uplinks and downlinks on the Milesight IoT Cloud server?

Answer: There are no restrictions with data transmissions. For more details about cloud limitation, please refer to website:https://www.milesight-iot.com/milesight-iot-cloud/