Q1: Why the MAC address shown in the DeviceHub is different from the device?

Answer: The MAC address displayed on the device is a range for Ethernet port or Wi-Fi.


Q2: I am trying to connect AM100 in ToolBox, but it says "the password is wrong. please enter it again", I am sure that I didn't change the password. What should I do?


  1. Check whether you change the default username and password. Default username is admin, password is 123456.
  2. Check whether you select correct serial port (USB port).
  3. Download latest version of ToolBox Software in Milesight website and use new tool to check again.
  4. Reset the AM100 to factory default: Hold on power button more than 10s.


Q3: Why can't I share the devices in Milesight IoT Cloud?

Answer: Please check if your devices is shared by other users. Milesight IoT Cloud only allows to share devices when you are the owner of the devices.


Q4: How is the number calculated of Alert Email in Milesight IoT Cloud? Is it a cumulative calculation or a monthly calculation?

Answer: Alert Email is calculated monthly, and automatically reset to zero at the beginning of the next month.