Sennet is a third party network server platform, which can help user to deploy carrier-grade LoRaWAN networks where and when they are needed. All Milesight LoRaWAN product can get connection with Senet Platform. This guide will introduce how Milesight gateway connect to Senet Platform in detail.


  • Any Milesight Gateway
  • A Senet account


Step 1. Access to Senet portal website:, login Senet portal platform. (If here is no Senet account available, please create a new account first)

Step 2. Register a Milesight gateway.

Fill in the location address of the gateway, which will be used to determine device location later.

Here, we can choose Semtech Packet Forwarder or Semtech Basic Station gateway type to register Milesight gateway to Senet platform. Semtech Packet forwarder is based on UDP protocol while Semtech Basic Station is based on UDP/TCP protocol, user can select one gateway type he wants to register.(Here we choose Basic Station to test)

Fill in all information below:

Serial Number: The serial number of Milesight gateway

Manufacturer EUI: The device EUI Milesight gateway

Gateway Vendor and Type: User-defined

ISM band: Choose the same value like Supported Freq of Milesight gateway, which can be checked from Milesight gateway web configuration page: Packet forwarder > Radio >Supported Freq.

RX Channels: Choose the same range which can cover all frequency channels filled on Milesight gateway. The frequency of gateway can be checked on Milesight gateway web page: Packet forwarder > Radio > Multi Channels Setting.

Description: User-defined

Then, fill in other gateway information, click Next.

Check all information you filled in before are correct, then click Register.

Then this gateway has been added to the Senet platform already.

Step 3. Configure Milesight gateway connect to Senet Platform.

Access to this gateway web GUI, go to Packet Forwarder > General, disable the other multi-Destination, Save&Apply it.

Create a new destination.

1. If you added this gateway to Senet via Semtech Packet Forwarder type, choose Semtech type

Type: Semtech

Server Address:

Port up: 1700

Port Down: 1700

Then the gateway status will change to “Active” on the Senet platform.

2. If you added this gateway to Senet via Semtech Basic Station type, choose Basic Station type here.

Type: Basic Station

Note: Only Connecting to an LNS available to use now.

URI :  Here are unsecured and secure LNS URI can be filled in below:

(1)Unsecured LNS URI: ws://, which can connect to Senet platform directly without any certification and key files. Save that, the gateway status will change to Active on Senet platform after a while.

(2)Secure LNS URI: wss://, which need upload and import TLS certificate file to gateway.(Download certification from: )

Save it, when Connection status will change to Connected also, the gateway will change to Active status on the Senet platform also.


  1. Before connecting gateway to Senet platform, check the gateway can access to Internet normally. Go to gateway web GUI path: Maintenance> Tool >Ping, ping to if it ping to that failed, please check gateway network configuration first.
  2. If all configurations are correct, the gateway is still offline on Senet platform, reboot Milesight gateway to make it re-connect to Senet URI once more. Go to gateway web GUI: Maintenance > Reboot, click Reboot)