Q1: How to buy the license to extend the MilesightVPN to more than 25 devices?

Answer: Free license supports at most 25 devices manageable. To manage more devices, you can contact the account manager to check commercial conditions.


Q2: I was recently trying to log into DeviceHub to manage our gateways however it seems it has been shifted to "Milesight"?

Answer: Yes. Here is the new URL of DeviceHub: http://devicehub.milesight-iot.com/.


Q3: Can I change the email address of my DeviceHub account?

Answer: Email address could not be changed after you create the account. You can create a new account for the new email address. If there are devices under old account, you can change the authority of these devices to the new account.


Q4: Could you tell me how the Cellular Down event is triggered on Milesight DeviceHub? Is it immediately after every short connection loose(e.g. only some seconds) or is it checked on a higher interval basis (e.g. some minutes)?

Answer: It's triggered shortly after connection is down and then alarm is sent by email.


Q5: Does ToolBox PC software support macOS?

Answer: No, ToolBox PC software only supports Windows version.


Q6: What's the maximum device number to connect to the Milesight IoT Cloud? Does the cloud support multiple permissions of users?

Answer: Maximum device number to connect to the cloud is 500 for paid-up accounts. Please contact Milesight if you need more device connections. The cloud doesn't support multiple authorities of users but you can share the devices to other accounts and set different permissions.


Q7: I have setup two devices on my Milesight IoT Cloud account and my customer asks me to setup on his cloud account. How can I do it?

Answer: Milesight IoT Cloud supports transferring devices from one account to another. You can transfer the devices to your customer's account.