Q1: About Milesight VPN software:

1. How many UR routers can be connected simultaneously to the Ursalink VPN Server?

2. Is it necessary to use certificate? Does it improve tunnel communication?

3. How do you monitor all UR routers in a single dashboard?


1. It depends on your server capability. For example, if you need to manage 500 deivces, here are basic server requirements:

CPU: 2 Cores, 2.0 GHz

RAM: 16 GB

Disk: 512 GB

Bandwidth: ≥100MBps

2. There is no need to import certificate into routers. UR routers have certificate embedded.

3. After installation, you can check VPN status (connected or disconnected) on Milesight VPN's dashboard. If you want to manage the routers remotely, you can use Milesight DeviceHub.


Q2:  I'm trying to demo the report feature on Milesight IoT Cloud. I find that I can only choose scheduled report and the shortest period is daily, which means we will need to wait at least till tomorrow to get the first report. Is it possible to manually trigger a report?

Answer: The shortest period is daily because generating a report requires enough data. There is no manual trigger for a immediate report.


Q3: Does Milesight IoT Cloud support branding? Like we want to display the client's logo and name instead of "Milesight IoT Cloud" on the left top.

Answer: The Milesight IoT Cloud doesn't support branding. If you want to remove Milesight logo for demo, you can submit a ticket to iot.support@milesight.com for more information.


Q4: I'd like to upgrading the cloud service from trial to 20 devices. How to do it?

Answer: You can contact Milesight sales about it .


Q5: Is it possible to get a demo account on Milesight DeviceHub?

Answer: You can submit a ticket to iot.support@milesight.com for a demo account.


Q6: Our partner forgot his password in the Milesight VPN server platform. Could you tell me how can we manage this issue?

Answer: You can submit a ticket to iot.support@milesight.com for help.