Q1: What's recommended volume size for DeviceHub server to manage 200 devices?

Answer: Highly recommend the 60G for a better experience.


Q2: Is it possible to connect Milsight Router to Milesight IoT Cloud?

Answer: Only LoRawan gateway, LoRaWAN sensor nodes and LoRaWAN controllers can be added to cloud. If you want to monitor router, you can use Milesight DeviceHub. Click here to learn more about Milesight DeviceHub.


Q3: Can you tell the difference between The Things Network and DeviceHub?

Answer: These two platforms are for different usages. The Things Network is a third-party platform Network Server for LoRaWAN devices. It’s mainly used for collecting and presenting LoRaWAN sensor data. It can connect LoRaWAN Devices to an open-source and decentralized Network to exchange data with Application Server.

Milesight DeviceHub is a platform for managing Milesight routers/gateways remotely.


Q4: Can you remove limit for alert email for my account on Milesight IoT Cloud?

Answer: For free plan, the maximum number of alert emails on Milesight IoT account is 10. To support more, you can upgrade to paid account or contact your sales account for commercial evaluation.


Q5: I have an idea to route our sensor traffic through Milesight IoT Cloud and then pull the data via an API. Any thought or suggestion?

Answer: It's not supported currently. You can contact your sales account for evaluation if you want to implement it.


Q6:  I set the UG65 in a Cloud account and it works. How can I set it in another account?

Answer: You can transfer the gateway to another account on Milesight Cloud.