Milesight gateways provide multiple backhauls for network connection. Here are the symptions about failing to access the network via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or cellular.

 Symptom 1: Can not access the network via Wi-Fi.
Check if Wi-Fi status shows connected and gateway is assigned an IP by your Wi-Fi router.

  1. If not, check if Wi-Fi configuration is correct.
  2. If yes,
  • Change the main link to WLAN;
  • Connect a PC or mobile phone to the Wi-Fi access point to check if it works;
  • Connect gateway to another Wi-Fi access point.

Symptom 2: Can not access the network via Ethernet Static IP mode.
Go to Maintenance-> Tool -> Ping to ping both and to check connection.

  1. If only works, go to Network -> Interface -> Port to check whether DNS server is configured. DNS server is used for resolving domain name to IP address.
  2. If both not work,
  • Check if Port setting is correct.
  • Check if the IP address you type has been used by other devices.
  • Change the main link to eth0/GE0.


Symptom 3: Can not access the network via cellular.
1. Check if your SIM card can use in other devices (smartphone, etc.).
2. Ensure you type the correct APN; username, password, PIN code and Roaming are necessary according to your SIM card type.

3. If you use private SIM card, delete or change a private network ICMP server.

If you need any help for deeper trouble-shooting, feel free to contact Milesight Technical Support. You can also click here to get more info about Milesight LoRaWAN Gateway.