Milesight UG85/UG87 LoRaWAN gateway can work as network server and has integrated MQTT feature which transfer end node data from gateway to Akenza Core.


Akenza-Gateway Integration

a. Akenza Configuration

1. Add an Akenza environment.

2. Go to “Domain”page and click “ADD DOMAIN” to create a domain. Select the technology as MQTT.

Note: Domain secret will be used as MQTT client username.

3. Go to “Inventory”page and click “ADD DEVICE” to add a device. Device type can be any type.

4. After creating the device, you can find MQTT connection information in Endpoints page.

b. Gateway Configuration

1. Ensure gateway can access the Internet. How to Connect Milesight Gateway to the Internet 

2. Go to “Network Server->General”page to enable network server mode.

Note:ensure Ursalink type network server is enabled in Packet Forwarder->General page.

3. Go to “Network Server->Application”page to add an application.

4. Select the Data Transmission type as MQTT and fill in the connection information.

  • Broker address:
  • Broker port: 8883
  • Client ID: customize
  • Credential username:  The domain secret. It can be found on Domain page or MQTT Uplink/Downlink Topic in Akenza.
  • Credential password: Leave blank
  • Topic: MQTT Uplink Topic found in Akenza page.

Display LoRaWAN End Nodes Data in Akenza

1. Go to “Network Server -> Device”page to add a LoRaWAN end node to gateway.

2. Power on the LoRaWAN end node and go to “Network Server->Packets” page to check if the device joins the network and works fine.

3. Go to “Akenza->Inventory->Device->Data”page to check data from LoRaWAN end nodes.

4. Data decoder can be written in “Device Type->UPLINK” page.