Sensgreen's IoT platform is a powerful solution designed to transform building management by harnessing the capabilities of advanced technology. With a keen focus on sustainability and energy efficiency, Sensgreen's platform provides users with real-time data analysis and dynamic control options. This empowers building owners and operators to optimize energy consumption while minimizing operational costs. Sensgreen's user-friendly, cloud-based interface streamlines device management, making it easy to integrate sensor data and control various building systems, including HVAC, lighting, and more. 


Sensgreen currently supports various Milesight LoRaWAN sensors and actively utilizes them in numerous projects. Additionally, Sensgreen consistently add new products to our supported devices. Sensgreen Smart Building Platform analyze and present data from these devices to users regularly in the form of analyses and reports. For different supported device categories, platform contribute to maximizing efficiency by providing distinct interfaces and data analysis types. The platform also facilitate easy control of your devices through dedicated interfaces for controllers on our platform. In this document, you can find detailed information about the supported devices and how the data from these devices is presented to our users on our platform.


Supported Milesight Devices

AM Series 

AM103/AM103L - 3-in-1 IAQ Sensor
AM107 - 7-in-1 IAQ Sensor
AM307 - 9-in-1 IAQ Sensor
AM308 - 9-in-1 IAQ Sensor
AM319 - 9-in-1 IAQ Sensor

Occupancy & People Counting Series
VS121 - AI Workplace Occupancy Sensor

VS133 - AI ToF People Counting Sensor

WT Series

WT101 - Smart Radiator Thermostat

EM300 Series
EM300-TH - Temperature and Humidity Sensor
EM300-SLD/ZLD - Spot/Zone Leakage Detection Sensor

EM300-MLD - Membrane Leakage Detection Sensor

EM500 Series
EM500-PT100 - Platinum Temperature Sensor

CoWork Series
WS101 - Smart Button
WS201 - Smart Fill Level Monitoring Sensor
WS202 - PIR & Light Sensor
WS301 - Magnetic Contact Switch
WS302 - Sound Level Sensor
WS50x - Smart Wall Switch
WS51x - Smart Wall Socket
WS52x - Smart Portable Socket

* Sensgreen is integrating more Milesight Devices into our platform every day. In addition, Sensgreen integrates Milesight IoT devices from our customers, which are not on the list of devices currently supported, into our platform within a month and adds them to our supported devices.


1. Connect the Milesight Gateway to Sensgreen LNS

Refer to article Milesight Gateway-Sensgreen Integration.

2. Connect the Milesight Sensor to Sensgreen LNS

Step 1: Add a New Device

Log in to Sensgreen platformOn the Device Management page, click the "+ New Device" button.



Step 2: Choose Connectivity Method

Select "LoRaWAN" as your connectivity method, and click "Next". Select "Sensgreen LoRaWAN" as your LoRaWAN Network Server, and click "Next".



Step 3: Select Device Type

Choose the device type as "Sensor".


Step 4: Enter Device EUI

Enter the Device EUI that is printed on your device. 

Step 5: Choose Device Brand and Type

Select the “Milesight” as the brand and type of the device you want to connect. Milesight WS301 Magnetic Contact Switch will be used as an example in the steps.

Step 6: Configure Application Key

For the Milesight devices, the Application Key is already configured. You will see the "Encrypted & Non-Erasable" label on the App EUI tab and you don't need to enter it.

Step 7: Select Frequency Band

Choose the frequency band that is used in your region.


Step 8: Choose Building and Room

Select the building where you want to add the sensor and enter the room name where the sensor is installed.


Step 9: Device Connected

Congratulations! Your device is now connected to the Sensgreen LoRaWAN Network Server. You can check if the device has sent any data on the Device Management page.

This process allows you to easily connect and register LoRaWAN devices to the Sensgreen Smart Building Platform, enabling efficient data collection and monitoring for your building's optimization.

If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to Sensgreen support team.



Sensgreen Platform Features


You can observe all your Milesight sensors with live data on the 'Room' pages. On these pages, you can create time-based charts for every parameter sent by the devices, and download this data in CSV or XLSX format. Moreover, you can set up alarms for all parameters to receive notifications, SMS, or emails.
Figure 1: Milesight WS302 - Sound Level Sensor Room Page

Figure 2: Milesight EM300-SLD/ZLD - Spot/Zone Leakage Detection Sensor Room Page




You can view the data of your Milesight LoRaWAN controllers on the 'Room' page, just like with the sensors, and utilize all the features mentioned for sensors. In addition, with interfaces specifically designed for the types of your controllers, you can manage your devices very easily. If you wish, you can also automatically manage your devices at specified times using time tables.

Figure 3: Milesight WS52x - Smart Portable Socket Page

Figure 4: WS50x - Smart Wall Switch Page


In addition to having their own 'Room' pages, we also analyze the overall air quality of your building by evaluating general data from all IAQ sensors in your facility using Milesight indoor air quality sensors. Particularly with data obtained from AM series sensors, you can examine assessments of your building's AQI, CO2, VOC, PM2.5, and PM10 data on this page and export the data.

Figure 5: IAQ Overview Page

Figure 6: IAQ Overview Page