Upgrade via Web GUI

1. Access to the gateway web GUI locally or remotely.

2. Go to Maintenance > Upgrade to import the firmware and upgrade.

Note: Do not operate during the upgrade.



Upgrade via CLI

1. Access to the gateway CLI via root account referring article How to Access the Command Line Interface (CLI).

2. Import the firmware to the folder “overlay” via WinSCP tool. If the gateway has accessed to the Internet, you can try wget command to download the firmware, the firmware link can be found on Milesight download center:


3. Create a upgrade script.


Fill in the script content:


platform_check_image $1 888  

if [ $? != 0]; then  
    echo "check image is failed!"  
    exit 0  

echo "start upgrade firmware"  

platform_check_image $2 &  

4. Change the authority of the

chmod +x


5. execute the command to upgrade:

./ /overlay/ 1