VS121-P supports MQTT protocol to integrate to ThingsBoard platform.






1. Login the account of ThingsBoard.

2. Go to Profiles > Device profiles page, click ‘+’ to create a new device profile.


Customize a profile name and select default rule chain.


Select transport type as MQTT and copy the uplink topic.


3. Go to Entities > Devices page, click ‘+’ to add a new device.


Custom a device name and select the profile in last step.

Select ‘Next’ and customize the client ID, username, password for MQTT connection. Note that the client ID should be unique.

4. Click Add to see the MQTT broker address and port.



5. Login web GUI of VS121-P device and ensure it has accessed to the network to reach to the ThingsBoard platform. Go to People Counting page, select report protocol as MQTT and fill in the connection information, then save the settings.


Note: click the profile to check topic if you forget to copy it in Step 2.


6. The device shows Active on ThingsBoard platform.


Click the device to check real-time data.