This article will guide you how to integrate Milesight IoT sensors/nodes to ChirpStack server. Please ensure the gateway is online on ChirpStack followed article How to Connect Milesight LoRaWAN Gateway to ChirpStack. Click here for more information about how to install ChirpStack.


  • Milesight LoRaWAN Sensors/Nodes
  • ChirpStack V4 Server (server frequency should be the same as gateway and sensors)


Step 1. Add Service Profile

Step 2. Add Device Profile

Step 3. Add an Application

Step 4. Add a Device

Step 5. Check Device Data

Step 6. Send Downlink Command


Step 1. Add Tenant

Go to Tenants page and click Add tenant to create a tenant. You can keep all settings by default.

Step 2. Add Device Profile

1. Go to Device Profiles page and click Add device profile to create a device profile according to the join type and class type of your sensors.

Note: For Milesight devices, the MAC version is 1.0.2 or 1.0.3, Regional parameters revision is B.

2. If join-type is OTAA, go to JOIN(OTAA/ABP) tab to enable Device supports OTAA.

If device class type is Class B/Class C, go to CLASS-B/CLASS-C tab to enable Class B/Class C.

3. Go to CODEC tab to add decoders of sensors/nodes as required.

 If you use Milesight sensors, click here to find corresponding sensor decoders and paste them to Codec page. Note that keep the header for chirpstack V4 and delete other headers.

Step 3. Add an Application

Go to Applications page and click Add application to create an application.

Step 4. Add a Device

1. Go to Applications page and click the application you create in last step, click Add device to add a new device.

2. Type the basic information of the device, including device EUI.

 There are two types of joining network: OTAA and ABP.

Join in OTAA mode

  • Select OTAA device profile, then click Submit. After creating the device, fill in the Application Key of LoRaWAN sensors/nodes, click Submit to save the configurations.

Join in ABP mode

  • Select ABP device profile, then click Submit. After creating the device, fill in the Device Address, Network session key and Application session key of the sensor/node, click (Re)Activate Device to save the configurations.

Step 5. Check Device Data

Go to LoRaWAN Frames tab to check if node joins the network and send uplink data.

Go to Events to check the details of received packets.

Step 6. Send Downlink Command

1. Go to Queue tab to send downlink command to this device. The command contents can be found on corresponding product user guide.