AM319 equips with HCHO or O3 sensor to detect the environment. Since the type of HCHO sensor and O3 sensor is electrochemical sensor, it has specific working life. AM319 has smart design for users to replace the sensor manually and easily. About the steps of replacement please refer to below video:


Q: What is the working life of HCHO sensor and O3 sensor?

A: The working life of HCHO is 6 years and O3 is 2 years.

Q: Where can I purchase replaced sensors? Can I purchase other brand or type sensor to replace it?

A: Please contact Milesight sales to purchase the replacement sensor and it is not suggested to use other type or brand sensor to replace it.

Q: How to know whether my AM319 sensor supports HCHO or O3 measurement?

A: Please check the PN on device label to know it.

Q: What is the difference between HCHO and HCHO-IR of PN?

A: This represent different HCHO sensors and here are the differences:

Measuring Range0-6 mg/m30-1.25 mg/m3
Working Life5 years6 years
Anti-interferenceNot supportnot affected by low concentration alcohols
CompatibleAM319 hardware V1.xAM319 hardware V2.x