This article will describe the operations to factory reset of Milesight UG series gateways/Helium miners when: 

  • STATUS/SYS LED does not blinks normally or show red status.
  • Fail to access the gateway via all operations locally(web GUI, CLI, etc.)

Or any other system abnormal scenarios. If all below operations do not take effect, please contact Milesight technical support for troubleshooting.


How to Know System Status

Besides operations on web GUI, usually gateway system status normal when STATUS/SYS LED shows green/blue.

Factory Reset

Method 1:

Hold on reset button for more than 5s until STATUS/SYS LED blinks. Click here to check reset button location on every device quick guide.


Method 2:

Log in web GUI of device, go to Maintenance > Backup and Restore, click Reset button.


Method 3:

Log in CLI of device via root account and type command: reset

(See article How to Access the Command Line Interface (CLI))



Hard Reset

1. Disconnect all cables from device.

2. Press and hold the reset the button. 

3. While holding the button, plug the power cable to power on device. 

4. After on, hold on reset button more than 5s and loose it. When loosing, the SYS/SYSTEM LED will changes to statically light from blinks. 


Uboot Upgrade

1. Disconnect power supply cable from device and only leave network cable connected between Ethernet port of device and PC.

2. Press and hold the reset the button. 

3. While holding the button, power on device via type-C port. 

4. After on, hold on reset button more than 15s until STATUS/SYS red blinks, then loose it.

5. Assign a static IP address to PC as below (see article How to Assign a Static IP Address to Windows PC).


6. Open a browser and type to log in uboot upgrade page.


7. Click left button on the page to import the .ext2 format image file and click Update firmware. Before operation, contact Milesight technical support to get the .ext2 image file, do not update the .bin format firmware downloaded from Milesight website directly. 

8. After update, the device will reboot automatically. When STATUS/SYS shows green/blue, it means the system works fine and you can log in the web GUI to check device settings.