Q: What is the detection range of EM310-UDL?

The detection range is about 60° in front of ultrasonic probe. Besides, please ensure the container radius is more than 30 cm to avoid ultrasonic reflection to affect the measurement.


Q: Is it possible to adjust the detection range of EM310-UDL?

The detection range can not be adjusted by software, but it can be narrow by changing the angle of the mounting of the sensor and by placing sponges around in front of the sensor.


Q: What kind of object EM310-UDL can detect?

It's suitable for most kinds of liquids and hard solids. For soft solid like snow, it's suggested to use EM500-UDL-S050, which is dedicated for snow accurate detection.


Q: Can EM310-UDL work under direct sun or the environment with large temperature differences?

It is not suggested to use EM310-UDL under these environments which may affect the accurate measurement. Please select EM500-UDL-W050/W100 for these environments.


Q: Can EM310-UDL work in the high humidity environment?

Yes if it does not generate condensation since the condensation on the face of ultrasonic horn will affect the accurate measurement. If you need to place where will generate condensation, it's suggested to put the device in ventilated environment or add ventilation/heat system, or please contact Milesight to customize special ultrasonic horns.


Q: Can EM310-UDL be used to detect the growing height of lawn?

Not recommended, the height of the grass is inconsistent, which will cause inaccurate measurement result.


Q: If I need to place the EM310-UDL under the manhole cover, will the metal manhole cover affect the LoRaWAN transmission? Is there any advice for the network deployment?

Yes, the metal cover will affect the LoRaWAN transmission distance of EM310-UDL. For these applications, please refer to below suggestions:

  1. In open air, it's suggested to put a gateway per 700 to 800 meters; in city environment, the deployment distance should be shorten within 500 meters;
  2. It would be better put the gateway higher (like rooftop) to reduce the obstacles between gateway and sensors;
  3. It's suggested to use long high gain to optimize the transmission signals.


Q: Can EM310-TILT detect angle during movement?

Not support, it can only detect correct result when it is in static status.


Q: Seems the value of EM310-TILT is not such correct when axis reaches to 90°.

Due to the algorithm of EM310-TILT, when axis reaches to 90°, the accuracy is about 2°.


Q: What is the sampling/collecting interval of EM310-UDL?

The sampling/collecting interval is 10 minutes, you can change it when you enable the threshold setting.


Q: What is the sampling/collecting interval of EM310-TILT?

The sampling/collecting interval is 0.625 s, it's fixed and non-editable.


Q: Can EM310 series support UV-proof?

Yes, the material of EM310 is ABS which supports UV-proof.


Q: EM310 series does not have vent for pressure balance, can it be used in exterme outdoor weather conditions?

Yes, EM310 series can work with most of weather conditions within operating temperature. But it's recommeded that not to put the sensor in the environment with rapidly changing tempertures.


Q: Where is the power button to power on/off the device?

The power button is inside the device, please release the enclosure to find it. Besides, you can also power on/off the device via Milesight ToolBox App.




Q: Can the device work with other brand gateways?

Yes, the device can work with other brand gateways which supports standard LoRaWAN protocol.


Q: How the device achieve secure communication with gateway?

The device communicate with gateway via LoRaWAN protocol which support AES128 encryption and a series of communication mechanism, for details please refer to article:


Q: What is the default App EUI and AppKey? Can the device support random AppKeys?

The default App EUI is 24E124C0002A0001 and Appkey is 5572404C696E6B4C6F52613230313823.

Yes, the device support random Appkey pre-configuration and you can ask Milesight for it before purchase.


Q: Are device EUI, App EUI and Appkey editable on your device?

The device EUI is unique and non-editable, App EUI and Appkey can be edited via ToolBox.


Q: How to connect device to network servers like TTN, Chirpstack, Actility, Senet, etc?

Yes, please refer to Milesight IoT knowledge base:


Q: How to decode the data? Where can I find the decoder?

For the definition of data please refer to corresponding device user guides:

Milesight also provides decoder examples here: You can modify these decoders according to your platform requirements.


Q: What is the LoRaWAN version of EM310 series device?

The LoRaWAN version is 1.0.3.


Q: What reporting interval can the device be configured?

1 to 1080 minutes is configurable. It's not suggested to shorten the interval to second which will reduce the battery life quickly.


Q: What is the working mechanism of rejoin mode feature?

The device will send a specific number of LinkCheckReq MAC packets to the network server every 30 mins or longer to validate connectivity; If there is no response after the specific number of packets , the device will re-join the network.


Q: Can the device get confirmation to know if the data is sent to server?

Yes, please enable Confirmed Mode on ToolBox. If the device does not receive the confirmation, it will send the data once again.


Partial support, please refer to corresponding user guide for downlink commands:


System & Maintenance

Q: Can the device upgrade remotely via LoRaWAN?

Not support, Milesight only provides locally upgrade via Milesight ToolBox App or ToolBox PC software now.


Q: Where to find the latest firmware of devices?

Please find the latest firmwares here:


Q: Can I backup the configurations of one device and import to another device?

Yes, both Milesight ToolBox App and software supports backup feature, this should ensure both devices have the same model and frequency.


Q: Can all default parameters of pre-configured before shipping?

Yes, Milesight provide OEM services to pre-configure the device settings before shipping to save your time to configure bulk of devices.


Q: Can Milesight provide code to modify the firmware?

No, the device does not support firmware modification by yourselves. If you have any extra feature requirements, please contact Milesight for software customization services.


Q: Does the device have any API to get the data?

No, the device can only send data to gateway via LoRaWAN. It's suggested to connect device to Milesight gateway which provides MQTT/HTTP API to send data to your applications.


Q: How to get device debug logs for troubleshooting?

Please refer to article How to Get Milesight Node Log File.


Q: Can the device send any alarm message (Email, SMS, etc.) when threshold is triggered?

No, but it will send threshold alarm packet to network server right away. You can connect the device to Milesight IoT Cloud which support Email alarm or mobile App pushment, or connect to other IoT platforms which support alarm notification services.


Q: Does this device support low battery alarm?

Yes, the device will send a low battery alarm packet to network server when battery level is lower to 10%.