Q: Can AM Series measure the CO2 lower than 400 ppm ?

Yes, it can measure the CO2 lower than 400 ppm. But 400 ppm is average outdoor air level and baseline of sensor calibration.


Q: Are sensors calibrated before delivery? Can AM series support sensor calibration?

Yes, AM series is calibrated before delivery and most of sensors support numberical calibration. Besides, please refer to CO2 calibration guide: A Guide to Know Milesight CO2 Sensor and Calibration.


Q: What is the meaning of PIR output?

It outputs activity level value which range is 0-65535. This value points the activity level in detection area during a period of time, not equals to the number of people. This parameter should be referred by many values to generate a tendency diagram not a single value. One single value can not be judged the level of activity but you can collect multiple values to generate a tendency diagram to know the activity level tendency in one day.

This value is not able to point the exact number of people but mainly used to detect the occupancy status. If you need to know the exact number of people in the meeting room or within the area, it's suggested to use VS121 or VS132.


Q: Can AM series measure dew point temperature?

Not support, it measures dry bulb temperature.


Q: What is the sampling/collecting interval of every sensor?

The sampling/collecting interval is fixed and not allow to change, please refer to below list:

SensorReporting Interval
CO22 min
Motion (PIR)1min
Barometric Pressure30s


E-ink Screen

Q: Can the E-ink screen be turned off? How to turn off the screen display?

Yes, you can turn off the screen display via downlink command: ff2d00. For details please refer to corresponding user guide:


It's not the switch off/on but full screen re-fresh every 30 minutes. E-ink screens need full screen re-fresh to remove the ghosting and ensure a good display.


Q: How to sync the time on the screen?

Please refer to article How to Sync Time on Milesight LoRaWAN Nodes. Note that if you use network server to sync the time, it will sync the time which time zone is UTC+0 by default. It's suggested to sync the time via ToolBox or send downlink command to change the time zone.


Q: Can the display modes on screen be customized?

Yes, please submit your design to Milesight and Milesight provides software customization services to achieve your requirements.


Q: Why is the data reported different from the data displayed or on the ToolBox?

The data reported is the average value of the reporting interval, and the data displayed or on the ToolBox is current value after collecting. Besides, the PIR value reported is accumulated value of reporting interval and the PIR value on ToolBox is the accumulated value of 20 minutes.


Power Supply

Q: Can the USB on AM series charge the batteries?

No, the USB can be only used to power the device instead of charging the batteries.


Q: Can AM104/AM107 use lithium batteries to replace alkaline batteries?

No, the batteries inside AM104/AM107 are connected in series and the working voltage of AM104/AM107 is 3-5 VDC. If you put two lithium batteries inside the device, the voltage will exceed the default load of AM104/AM107 and cause the broken.


Q: Are batteries inside the device with insulating sheet when shipping?

No, but the batteries will be not put into the device when shipping, you need to install the batteries when using. If you need to install batteries before shipping, please contact Milesight before purchase.


Q: The battery level drops quickly when it's lower than 40%, is it normal?

Yes, this relates to battery characteristics, the battery discharge speed is not like a straight line but a curve line. This will cause a illusion that the battery uses up quickly when there is not much battery level.


Q: Does this device support low battery alarm?

Yes, the device will send a low battery alarm packet to network server when battery level is lower to 10%.



Q: Can I use AM series to monitor indoor environment directly without using LoRaWAN features?

Yes, you can check the data locally via screen or Milesight ToolBox.


Q: Why can not receive AM104/AM107 battery level data on regular uplinks?

The reporting interval of AM104/AM107 battery level is 24 hours and this is non-editable.


Q: Can the device work with other brand gateways?

Yes, the device can work with other brand gateways which supports standard LoRaWAN protocol.


Q: How the device achieve secure communication with gateway?

The device communicate with gateway via LoRaWAN protocol which support AES128 encryption and a series of communication mechanism, for details please refer to article:


Q: What is the default App EUI and AppKey? Can the device support random AppKeys?

The default App EUI is 24E124C0002A0001 and Appkey is 5572404C696E6B4C6F52613230313823.

Yes, the device support random Appkey pre-configuration and you can ask Milesight for it before purchase.


Q: Are device EUI, App EUI and Appkey editable on your device?

The device EUI is unique and non-editable, App EUI and Appkey can be edited via ToolBox.


Q: How to connect device to network servers like TTN, Chirpstack, Actility, Senet, etc?

Yes, please refer to Milesight IoT knowledge base:


Q: How to decode the data? Where can I find the decoder?

For the definition of data please refer to corresponding device user guides:

Milesight also provides decoder examples here: You can modify these decoders according to your platform requirements.


Q: Why there is decode error even I use the decoder example provided by Milesight?

Please change your device LoRaWAN version to V1.0.2 or V1.0.3 and check again.


Q: What reporting interval can the device be configured?

1 to 1080 minutes is configurable. It's not suggested to shorten the interval to second which will reduce the battery life quickly.


Q: What is the working mechanism of rejoin mode feature?

The device will send a specific number of LinkCheckReq MAC packets to the network server every 30 mins or longer to validate connectivity; If there is no response after the specific number of packets , the device will re-join the network.


Q: Can the device get confirmation to know if the data is sent to server?

Yes, please enable Confirmed Mode on ToolBox. If the device does not receive the confirmation, it will send the data once again.


Partial support, please refer to corresponding user guide for downlink commands:


Q: Can the device send any alarm message like Email or SMS when threshold is triggered?

No, but it will send threshold alarm packet to network server right away. You can connect the device to Milesight IoT Cloud which support Email alarm or mobile App pushment, or connect to other IoT platforms which support alarm notification services.


System & Maintenance

Q: Can the device upgrade remotely via LoRaWAN?

Not support, Milesight only provides locally upgrade via Milesight ToolBox App or ToolBox PC software now.


Q: Where to find the latest firmware of devices?

Please find the latest firmwares here:


Q: Can I backup the configurations of one device and import to another device?

Yes, both Milesight ToolBox App and software supports backup feature, this should ensure both devices have the same model and frequency.


Q: Can all default parameters of pre-configured before shipping?

Yes, Milesight provide OEM services to pre-configure the device settings before shipping to save your time to configure bulk of devices.


Q: Can Milesight provide code to modify the firmware?

No, the device does not support firmware modification by yourselves. If you have any extra feature requirements, please contact Milesight for software customization services.


Q: Does the device have any API to get the data?

No, the device can only send data to gateway via LoRaWAN. It's suggested to connect device to Milesight gateway which provides MQTT/HTTP API to send data to your applications.


Q: How to get device debug logs for troubleshooting?

Please refer to article How to Get Milesight Node Log File.


Q: Can NFC of the device switch off?

Not support , but you can set a password for every device to avoid modifying configurations.