Q1: How does UR32 convert the serial port between RS232 and RS485? How many slaves can be used with UR32 at most?

Answer: It can be switched on Industrial -> Serial Port -> Serail Settings webpage and before that, ensure your device model incluldes "-485". UR32 supports to connect 64 registers.

Q2: Does UR32/UR32L support passive 24V/48V PoE supply?

Answer: No, UR32/UR32L only supports 9-48V DC power supply.

Q3: Does 5G CPE support to connect external antenna?

Answer: Not support, 5G CPE doesn't have external connector for antenna.

Q4: Which antenna connector of UR75-5G should be connect in priority or connect better antenna to get optimum result correctly?

Answer: No, 4 connectors are the same.

Q5: Is it possible to trigger DO of UR35 via using HTTP request? Is it possible to send HTTP request if DI is triggered?


1. Yes, it can be achieved through curl command:   How to Use Milesight Router HTTP API?

2. No, it doesn't support to send HTTP request automatically when DI is triggered. Currently, when DI is triggered, it supports to send SMS message/Email, you can configure the actions on web interface. 

Q6: If use 48V DC input to power UR35-L04AU-W router, does it support PoE output?

Answer: No, it doesn't support the PoE feature due to there is no hardware. Only the model with "-P" equipped PoE chip and supports PoE output feature.

Q7: Can UR75 utilize carrier aggregation? For 5G or 4G?

Answer: Yes, UR75 supports 3GPP Release 15. The Carrier Aggregation has already been supported for both LTE and NR according to the 3GPP standard.

Q8: Does UR35 support to get the time data from the GPS? Can UR35 act as an NTP server to broadcast the times to the UR35'S LAN equipment?


  1. Yes, UR35-G supports the feature. Please login to web GUI and then go to Industrial -> GPS to enable GPS function. Then, go to System -> General Settings -> System Time to set Sync Type as GPS Time Synchronization.

  2. Yes, it can. Please ensure the firmware version is or later.

Q9: Can UR75 handle a 9dBi cellular antenna? Is there a power restriction on the antenna outputs that may affect high gain antennas from being connected?

Answer: Yes, it can. There is no power restriction for 9dBi antenna, but please check if there is a law restriction about power in your area.

Q10: When executing CLI command “show clock”, why the Rrouter returns time different with the time in Web GUI?

Answer: The command “show clock” returns GMT time and Web GUI shows your local time with timezone, so these will be different.

Q11: Is it possible to insert SSD in UR75 to store IP camera video data?

Answer: Yes, UR75 has a standard M.2 SSD slot to insert SSD on it, and UR75 support FTP and SFTP protocol for receiving IP camera data, please check if your camera supports FTP/SFTP protocol to forward video data.