Q1: The data reported is Base64 format, how to read out? How to identify the data from each node, as I will connect more UC100 modes to UG65 gateway? The message from MQTT Explorer doesn't include device name/ device EUI.


  1. Please convert Base64 to Hex via this tool and add decoder to decode hex format data.

  2. Please add this parameter in decoder: decode.devEUI = LoRaObject.devEUI; return decoded; click this  article to know how to use decoder on Milesight gateway.

Q2: When connecting UG67 gateway to multiples network server via Semtech, it will disconnect the connection with TTN sometimes. How to resolve the issue?

Answer: Please download the latest firmware and upgrade it.

Q3: We connected UG65 to Azure IoT hub via MQTT, but it failed to receive downlink packets from the server. How to resolve the issue?

Answer: According to the documents of Azure, this topic (/devices/{device-id}/messages/devicebound/#) should be subscribe. Currently, it doesn't support to customize deveui and application id on MQTT downlink's json body; please realize the feature via Node-Red.


Q4: How to send data from the gateway to Mysql directly?

Answer: It can be achieved via Node-Red, Node-Red supports Mysql node to connect external Mysql to insert sensor's data. Please install Mysql node in Node-Red firstly, then add INSERT statement in Function node.