Q1: As for VS132, how often is the data pushed from the sensor? Is live counting possible? What's the difference between periodic count and total count in the payload?


  1. It depends on th e reporting interval, the range is 1~1080 minutes. VS132 counts people in the real time and reports the data regularly.

  2. For periodic count: counter during every reporting interval. For total count: accumulated total counter all the time.

Q2: We'd like to use WTS series sensor to detect wind speed of singal tower, is there any installation noted or suggestion?

Answer: Yes, please refer to Page19 in the user guide.

Q3: Does WS558 support to connect other appliances expect lights, such as fans, contactors?

Answer: Yes, please ensure your appliances meet WS558 electrical requirements. You can check more details in Datasheet

Q4: Can WS202 be used to detect mouse?

Answer: No, it is not recommended, because PIR sensor might not be able to detect the things with fast moving, and it can not distinguish if it's triggered by mouse.

Q5: For VS132, is it possible to have a custom algorithm for detecting large object such as large suitcase?

Answer: Not support now, if you have any requirement for recognition objects please contact Milesight for it.

Q6: Can WS558 use for air conditional switch, whose load is more than 10A?

Answer: Not support, the current limitation of single line is 10A, it is not to recommended to connect the air conditional switch due to security.

Q7: As for D2D control, how far is the distance per device or per LoRaWAN device? Especially at house since there are many wall in house, what's the optimize way?


  1. Milesight D2D featuring LoRa supports long transmission range the same as LoRaWAN®.

  2. It is influenced by device's power of receiving and sending. If you'd like to set up multiples D2D commands, it is recommended to set up different frequency to avoid frequency confict.

Q8: Is it possible to connect EM500-UDL to an external solar panel?

Answer: It is not recommended, the interface of powering is inside the sensor, it will influence the level protection and increase the risk of water inflow if take apart EM500-UDL.

Q9: Would this decrease the battery life of the end node significally if I disable ADR mode?

Answer: Diabling ADR mode means sensor will follow the static SF setting. If the signal is better, the value of SF can be set smaller (such as SF7, SF8), it will increase battery life; but if it is far with worse signal, the value of SF should be bigger to avoid packet missing, the battery life will be shorter than former.

Q10: Can WS302 support data logging, if yes, what parameters does the sensor log?

Answer: No, it doesn't support data storage function currently.

Q11: Does EM300-TH support data storage? How many data can be stored at most?

Answer: Yes, it works with devices which hardware is V3.x and firmware is v1.5 or later. EM300-TH can store around 2000 pieces of data.

Q12: Is it possible to achieve real time notification for EM310-UDL, whose reporting interval is shorter than one minute?

Answer: No, it doesn't support yet. The battery life will be shorten much if set the reporting interval as seconds.  But it supports to report data immediately when the distance is over or below the threshold value.

Q13: EM310-TILT sensor  doesn't have vent, can it be used in the extreme outdoor weather conditions?

Answer: Yes, EM310-TILT sesnor can work with most of weather conditions within operation temperature. But it's recommended that not to put the sensor in the environment with rapidly changing temperatures.

Q14: We have a 8 LED light (AC230V), is it possible to activate light only when VS121 detects motion? In Canadian success case, what was the use of PIR solution, how do they plan to control the HVAC with Milesight IoT?


  1. Yes, the feature can be realized via Milesight D2D featrue. VS121 works as D2D controller, when it detects regoin occupied, it will send D2D command to WS558 (D2D Agent) to turn on the light.

  2. In this case, customer use the third server to manage sensors and their system. Sensor's data and air quality data will be sent to the server, and do some customization on server, it will send downlink command to HVAC system according to current data.

Q15: AM107 can be used for eight months from 100% battery to 40% battery, but it only use for two months under 40% battery. Why does AM107's battery dropped so quickly under 40% battery?

Answer: Actually it is related to battery characteristics, the battery discharge speed is not like a straight line but a curve line. It will cause the a illusion that the battery users up quickly when there is not much battery level.

Q16: Customer just received AM319 sensor, but the value of TVOC is not accurate, how to resolve the issue?

Answer: Please power on AM319 for two days to preheat TVOC sensor firstly, then the detection value will be more accurate.

Q17: Is the plastics of EM300-MCS UV stabilized?

Answer: Yes, the enclosure is UV-proof.

Q18Does the power consumption of WS52x keep accumulating if I do not clear the value manually?

Answer: Yes, the value will be accumulated. You can clear it via Milesight ToolBox App or downlink command: ff27ff.

Q19: When putting EM500-SMTC probe in the water, the moisture value is not 100%, how to resolve the issue?

Answer: Please ensure the whole probe is inside the water and the container should be large enough to keep away from side-wall (>70 mm).

Q20: Can WS202 be installed under desk for occupancy detection? Is the data like "movement value" or "temperature" and require to calculate by ourselves to output the occupancy result?


  1. Yes, it can be installed under desk.

  2. Not need to calculate, WS202 will send the occupancy status as Occupied or Vacant directly.

Q21: How sensitive is EM500-UDL do obstacles on the way down, when it is applied in a well, does cables and branches affect detect? Can EM500-UDL be used in the pipe, will the signal be affect? Does it require any other calibration when using it in the pipe?


  1. The UDL sensor will detect the object reflection wave beam to measure the distance, generally it will choose the stronger Ultrasonic wave signal to transfer to distance value. As for the rounded or tiny object like branches/cables, it is hard to be identified.

  2. No, it can't be used in the pipe since it will detect pipe wall distance if placed it inside the pipe. EM500-UDL is mainly used for containers which the radius is not fewer than 30cm.