Q1I have a UG67 without cellular module. Can I purchase a cellular module separately from you and install it?

Answer: Not support, if you still require cellular access, please connect the gateway to a cellular router to get Internet access.

Q2Does UG56 support to connect external antenna?

Answer: Yes, UG56 provides a SMA female connector to connect external LoRa antenna.

Q3Which way does DS7510 support to connect to Internet?

Answer: It supports to connect to Internet via Ethernet port or WiFi.

Q4Questions about UG63:

1. Can the UG63 support Basic Station protocol?

2. Can the Fleet Gateway feature work via Basic Station protocol?


1. Yes it can support.

2. Not support, gateway fleet feature only works via Semtech UDP package forwarder.

Q5Why I can see GPS information in the message when UG67 forwards end node data to MQTT broker?

Answer: It will also add gateway basic information in the uplinks to MQTT broker, which includes GPS information of UG67.