Q1: Is it possible to send the cellular data usage of router to third-party server?

Answer: Yes, you can use curl tool to get the cellular data usage in the router webpage with following commands:

curl -H "Content-Type:application/x-www-form-urlencoded" -c ./cookie.txt -X POST --data '{"id":"1","execute":1,"core":"user","function":"login","values":[{"username":"admin","password":"sI/7ewBCeWunDs6JXXtSHg=="}]}' http://[Router IP Address]/cgi 

Inquiry data usage:

 curl -H "Content-Type:application/x-www-form-urlencoded" -b ./cookie.txt -X POST --data '{"id":7,"execute":1,"core":"yruo_status","function":"get","values":[{"base":"yruo_celluar"}]}' http://[Router IP Address]/cgi

Q2: How many Wi-Fi clients can UF51 be connect most?

Answer: UF51 supports 128 Wi-Fi clients at most. 

Q3: What is the VPN data throughput of UR32?

Answer: It is about 8Mbps when we using VPN.

Q4: Does Milesight router support LTE CAT 12?

Answer: Not support yet, if any request please contact Milesight about it.

Q5: What is the CPU brand of UR32L?  Is it a Dual Core or Quad Core?

Answer: The CPU of UR32L is NXP I.MX6ULL and is single core.

Q6: Can I receive UR35 data from 10 different locations using UR35? Can this be achieved through a VPN tunnel, 10 to 1 channel?

Answer: Yes, UR35 can work as OpenVPN/IPsec VPN client or server, one UR35 can work as VPN server to receive data from 10 VPN clients.

Q7: Can the UR32 do traffic shaping in the LTE interface?

Answer: Not support, but you can do speed limits for some applications through iptables for similar purposes.

Q8: When is UR32 working in back up recovery?

Answer: You can adjust the revert interval on Network > Interface > Link Failover of web GUI.